Welcome to Indirect Vision – Rachel Bryant ’21, ASDA Chapter President

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I remember the first time we drilled on a plastic maxillary first molar; it was a Class I and we were given the parameters that we could NOT cross the oblique ridge, nor encroach too closely on the marginal ridge. What a difficult task that was! There were two challenges I faced as I attempted this seemingly impossible task: 1) My hand would move in the opposite direction than what I needed it to and 2) I couldn’t see anything with the water spray hitting my mirror. I remember thinking “I’m just going to have to be the dentist who doesn’t work on maxillary teeth.” But I quickly realized, most of us are dealing with the same struggles and experiences.

photo with caption
A photo of Cloud Gate, or “The Bean,” in Chicago on a rainy day is very representative of what my indirect perspective was like while drilling on my first maxillary molar – foggy and covered in water!

At ASDA’s blog, Indirect Vision, we encourage you to blow through those oblique ridges and undermine your marginal ridges; we are not here to do “ideal preps,” we are here to chase decay. We hope to foster a platform where dental students can come and write honestly about topics that interest them and experiences they want to express. Ultimately, this is a place to commiserate and share in the trials and triumphs of dental school as well as voice the solace that you seek outside of school.

With us working on the mouth all day you’ll find, as dental students, we have a lot to say!

-Rachel Bryant ’21, ASDA Chapter President

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