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Health and Wellness – Alex Fung ’22

If you’re like me and have terrible posture, yet still wonder why your back hurts at the end of a procedure, then it never hurts to be reminded of proper ergonomics. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve had the privilege of good teachers, vigilant partners, and trial and error, so I’d like to

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#BeUtahful – Aditi Desai, ASDA District 10 Trustee, Roseman ’21

You will find two types of people in Utah. One who would claim there isn’t much to do in Utah, and other who would say there is so much to do in Utah! It all comes down to what type of person you are. Do you like to party like you are in Vegas every

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End of the Year Reflections – Class of 2021

The end of the academic school year marks a period of transition. It is a great time to take the lessons we were fortunate enough to learn and look ahead for the upcoming year. Below are some end of the year reflections from the Midwestern-Arizona Dental Class of 2021.  “There is getting all As in

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