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Behind the Scenes of Dental Advocacy – Siri Vasireddy ’22

On September 21, six CDMA students had the opportunity to take a closer look at the process of creating successful legislative proposals and smoothly-running lobby days. Year after year, the AzDA graciously invites us to sit in on, and even participate in, their meetings. The three divisions of the AzDA (Northern, Central, and Southern) came

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Health and Wellness – Alex Fung ’22

If you’re like me and have terrible posture, yet still wonder why your back hurts at the end of a procedure, then it never hurts to be reminded of proper ergonomics. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve had the privilege of good teachers, vigilant partners, and trial and error, so I’d like to

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Navigating New Partnerships – Amanda Tran ’21

Just a brief introduction – my name is Amanda Tran and I am currently a D3 at Midwestern-AZ. A little over two and a half months ago, we began our journey into clinic. As expected, clinic presented many new challenges, from navigating Axium to managing and caring for patients – there was just so much

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Midwestern’s Music Monday – Kayla Keppler ’21

A weekly mixtape of Monday jams to get you through your week. Enjoy a curated playlist by our very own Midwestern ASDA dental students to listen to whether you’re in clinic or SIM. New playlists posted every Monday. Always fresh. This week’s playlist is curated by our very own Kayla Keppler ’21.

Welcome to Indirect Vision – Rachel Bryant ’21, ASDA Chapter President

I remember the first time we drilled on a plastic maxillary first molar; it was a Class I and we were given the parameters that we could NOT cross the oblique ridge, nor encroach too closely on the marginal ridge. What a difficult task that was! There were two challenges I faced as I attempted

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